Back to school: Knowing your kids’ friends

Sending children back to school can put a lot on a parent’s mind, but perhaps just as important as buying new lunchboxes, arranging class schedules and planning after-school sports is your child’s social life, particularly in high school.

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Friends play a huge role in a teenager’s life, because they affect who they are as a person and the type of activities they participate in. Knowing who your children’s friends are will help you with providing them a good atmosphere that can influence them in a positive way.

Being well acquainted with your children and their friends can also widen your perspective on how they are growing up and what activities they are engaging themselves in. One way to positively influence your child might be through participation in the ICSC’s Muslim Youth Group.

By being a part of the MYG, children are placed in a nurturing Muslim environment that fosters values and morality through activities and bonds among like-minded adolescents.

Children are under supervision to keep them disciplined and on the right path. We surround them with positive influences, whether from fellow kids their age or with interesting and active lectures from religious director Jihad Turk and youth group coordinator Nathan Richardson, to bring them closer to us and to their peers, thereby promoting Muslim values and making their judgments and ethical choices more concrete and intelligent.

The youth group also assembles fun and exciting activities for our members such as bonfires and movie nights to lure them away from juvenile activities to the fun and mature activities that will not only entertain, but also stimulate their young minds.

Our program officially begins on October 4th with our Open House.

Leading up to that date, we have had and will have a plethora of activities, including Humanitarian Day on Sept. 12. Members came together then for a few hours to provide necessities to those less fortunate than us. It doesn’t stop there, however. MYG will have many events to create memories and have fun while simultaneously reinforcing our connections to the young Muslim community.

Our upcoming program includes various activities such as participation in the LA Food Bank, a recycling project, and homeless feeding, all of which benefit the community. At the same time, we have events such as the annual ski trip to Big Bear, whale watching, hiking, as well as attending the Rose Parade together.

These different events will not only keep our members busy but excited, in a fun and friendly environment. We hope you and your children will join us.

Aiman Ibrahim is a high school senior and treasurer of the Muslim Youth Group. Bassant Ibrahim is also a high school senior and is secretary of the MYG.

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