Carrying inspiration beyond the holy month

As we walk out of Ramadan, we share significant feelings and thoughts, and hopefully will make important resolutions.

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Creative Commons

  • We share the feeling of being light, less clinging to the Earth and aspiring for the highest realms of spirituality.  This is the result of feeding the soul, not just attending to the body.
  • We feel clean and pure as we rejoice in the promise of the prophet (pbuh) that whoever fasted with faith and dedication will have all his past errors and sins blotted out and forgiven. 
  • We feel liberated and empowered as we saw ourselves in control, commanding our desires and taming our urges.
  • We confirmed our humanity when we exercised what only humans, out of all creatures, can do: self-restraint and postponement of gratification.

In short, we are ready to take off and go.  Ramadan is not just a season, it is a launching pad.  We started at the Eid day in a specific order, first paying the due rights of the needy.  This should always be the beginning, followed by Eid prayer in gratitude to God in His Glory, then we enjoyed the festivity and the cheerfulness—the joyous community spirit that God gifted us with.  Then we take on the project of life guided by Islam: a full agenda that starts with important proposed items to take on with our community throughout the year.

  1. Finding our place in the country:  As our country changed and keeps changing, so should we.  We need to move from being reactive to being proactive.  To move from protesting to participating and from skepticism to optimism.  We need to be part of all activities for goodness in America.
  2. Facing the problems that are befalling Muslim families in America: A staggering rate of divorce and a tension between generations accentuated by the impact of financial hardship.  The center has dedicated October as a family month. Each Sunday, a panel of experts will address different aspects of this challenge.
  3. The issue of gender justice and equal rights.  A convention on the topic, in partnership with USC, will be held on Oct. 17 at the university. The event will feature top experts taking gender injustice to a level beyond rhetoric.
  4. To enhance and intensify youth programs to secure continuity of the message.

May God make the future year the actualization of what we got out of Ramadan.

Dr. Maher Hathout is the spokesman for the Islamic Center of Southern California.

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One Response to Carrying inspiration beyond the holy month

  • Taher Shaikh says:

    Mashallah I like the compilation of the events and the effort to carry on the momentum for the rest of the Years.

    Just to share few observations.
    – I was on Umrah for last 10 days. Initially lot of people were concerend abt swine flu etc. to visit to Allah house.
    During last 3 days of Ramzan there where around 2 million people for Umrah and Haram was full.
    I am more than sure for Hajj also lot of people without doubt in mind will be performing rituals of Hajj. Worldy affairs should not discourage or make you step back for any of the spiritual activities one does

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