ICSC members have a smooth Hajj experience

This year’s Hajj with members of our mosque community was wonderful. As usual, the awesome feeling of bliss and the overwhelming presence of Allah’s mercy in every step and every ritual was more than sufficient, alhamdulillah.

Food and accommodation were great and the weather was very pleasant.

Fears of swine flue disappeared and we didn’t hear about flood casualties in Jeddah. A rain storm in Mina presented an excitement but no danger; we had to relocate to a hotel from the Mina camp to allow the water to dry up.

A hotel facility provided near Mina was a mixed blessing; it took a special trip to get to the Haram and back yet it was only 25 minutes walk to the Mina camp. If you wanted to take the bus instead of walking, there was no guarantee on arrival time due to unexpected road closures. One time we spent more time on a bus trying to reach the one mile destination than we spent in tawaf and sa’ay, but it all ended well Alhamdulillah.

The Mina facility was upgraded with drywall instead of the regular fabric walls.

Representatives of The US Consulate General in Jeddah met us at Jeddah Airport to wish the American Hajjis a good Hajj season. The Consul also attended a dinner function honoring Dar El Salam Hajjis at the Jeddah Hilton on the way back home.

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