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By: Sadi Malik

Every week, MECA hold a Quran Study class at the Islamic Center. This meetup is set up to study Quran by hearing surahs/chapters recitation with their english translation and presenting findings on the surahs with the intent to understand infallible words of God. This meetup encourages regular study of Quran every weekend for the sake of rememberance and understanding the message of God and its importance in our daily lives. A new surah is picked and studied in every meetup.

The very revelation of the Holy Quran began with the word “iqra” which means “read” (the Quran.) Understanding is important because the Quran is a purposeful book and we cannot derive its benefits without comprehension. The command for reading is given to every person through the Prophet (s).

The Quran explains the purpose of its revelation: “so that you may understand.” It is not only for the scholars (ulama) but also lay people to understand. The Quran itself explains its own simplicity and comprehensibility: “And we have made Quran easy for admonition. Is there then any seeker of admonition?” (Qamar:17).

Regular attendees of the class have offered the following testimonials:

 Born muslim or a convert, religious in views or the spiritual few, if u r looking for guidance and willing to learn, look no further. || Surah by surah we learn about islam; who are we, what we need to know; Our minds so full of questions, our past so different, and yet can the future be the same? || A fun bunch, an inviting one, thought provoking are the sessions, and yet not too taxing, those are few of my observations from the eyes of a newbie. || ”

Tanwir Danish 


“The Qur’an Study in English meetup group has been my favorite of halaqa session due to its unique format and atmosphere. It facilitated a good environment for sharing individual perspective of signs (ayahs) of Allah in the Holy Qur’an for individual who reads and ponders verses of qur’an on their own. It made me realize that the Holy Qur’an is not a “dangerous” tool due to its extremely powerful content.

In my opinion, after attending many Islamic lectures and seminars, the unique framework of Qur’an Study in English group made me able to realize and understand the myriad of Muslims’ views and understandings of verses in Holy Qur’an vis-a-vis real life first hand.

Thus, I’d be able to learn from participants’ wisdom about content of Holy Qur’an that is hued and with participants’ life experience, character, and knowledge. I’ve found out that learning from participant’s wisdom has more weight in real life, than learning Islamic lessons detached from sound practical points for implementation in day-to-day aspects. I’d say that this is a gem that would be rarely found when attending conventional Islamic seminar or lecture sessions.

Furthermore, participants’ wisdom would be more pragmatic,in comparison to learning from a shaykh/scholar in monophonic mode that normally has a dogmatic atmosphere.

On the other hand, learning from an Islamic scholar on Islamic study would usually made me able to absorb and “advance” my Islamic knowledge.

On the contrary, Qur’an Study in English meetup is a decent medium to contribute what I’ve learned of Islam without being self-righteous as well as to practice Islamic teachings in a safe environment, rather than to practice an Islamic culture and advanced my self in being a culturally Islamic person.

This would be a reason that makes a Qur’an Study in English session could be as scholarly as the participants who contributes. In the end, it’s about contributing instead of absorbing that I’d say has more weight according to Islamic teachings.

Most of the time, I’ve sensed that some participants had different expectations after coming to Qur’an Study in English session because they came with intention and expectation to absorb Islamic in a one-way street.

Nevertheless, the Qur’an Study in English meetup occasionally invites scholars such as Br. Jihad Turk, Br. Mohammed Nasser, Dr. Ahmed Soboh, Dr. Sultan Abdulhameed, etc. for “absorbing” sessions.” – Achmad Bastaman 

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  • Quran study is very important. I am glad to see here about this. Actually there are many way of Quran learning and its explanations as well. So please mention the best way of learning Quran along with explanation.

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