The Power of a Prayer

By: Maha Kamel 

A quiet moment of reflection during the MYG Youth Night

A quiet moment of reflection during the MYG Youth Night


I felt the tears fall upon my cheeks as I turned left and right to end my prayer. I had just finished a prayer that would not only change my entire mindset but that simply touched my soul. That blessed night I attended a youth group qiyam and as a part of the program Jihad Turk led us in a prayer in both Arabic and English. I entered the prayer like any other but left it with a determination to strengthen my relationship with Allah.

As the prayer began, I placed my hands over one another and listened to the Al-Fatiha being recited, but as the English translation began I felt something change in me. The words didn’t enter through my right ear out my left, rather they entered and touching my soul and sending tears down my cheeks.

I asked myself why was this prayer so special? But all I could think of was how I was standing amongst such a beautiful Umma pushing away all the opportunities God sent my way. I knew exiting that prayer that my priorities were set and my faith would be strengthened from that moment on.

I knew at that moment on my knees before Allah, amongst the members of my umma, tears down my face, with the words of salam in my ears that I was a Muslim.

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