Barrier: A Youth Reflection

By: Khtija Khair 

Almost my whole life I’ve felt this barrier between me and God. The closer I try to get to Him, the further I get pushed back. But why? Its so simple right. Call out to Him, and He will listen. He will, have mercy. Why? Why does this sorrow and anger I have block my cry for help. How many times have I tried? Everyday, I have cried out to Him. To give me strength. Just a little bit of strength to have enough courage to ask for help. To face Him with the truth, guidance, and mercy. It hurts me to say and think and feel my reasons for anger and sorrow are on my mind more then God sometimes. But I will not let this frustration eat me inside. This frustration that keeps me from living. From knowing myself. From God. If there’s one thing I’m sure of, it’s that God is there. And that I am very close to breaking this barrier.

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