ICSC Borrowing Library

By: Zeina Zein
The Borrowing Library of the ICSC was opened for borrowing in 2010, containing a selection of books, DVDs, and computer software for children and teens as well as a small assortment of adult books, so that the community can benefit from the Islamic knowledge our library has to offer.
Volunteers from the community run the library as well as activities such as reading competitions and parties to congratulate the literary accomplishments of kids with prizes.  The parties also include motivated kids performing Islamic plays.  Our next event will be a visit by a Muslim author insha’Allah.
Please stop for any questions or comments at the library in the social hall of the ICSC.  Your ideas and help are greatly appreciated.

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  • Samin Atiff says:

    Masha-Allah this library has been a very beneficial influence on my kids. I read the islamic books borrowed from this library almost every night to my kids or sometimes they do their 20 minute of reading..and they love it :). It has lead to a lot of thought provoking questions in their minds and interesting conversations that we carry on. The minds of our kids are like sponges that totally absorb what we put in them, so we as parents strive to give them knowledge beneficial both for this world and the hereafter. And the library has gone a long way in helping us achieve this goal. I pray that it grows and benefits each one of us..Ameen.

  • amal hassan says:

    Iike this project so much ,Iam borrowing every week books and dvds for my son .He started to be interested in the stories in these books and he likes the Dvds vey much .Iwish this project becomes
    bigger and gets more support .

  • Anya Abel says:

    My family just recently joined the ICSC Library and we have already enjoyed borrowing books for our son. He enjoys reading all the books we borrow and the library has a quite extensive and marvelous books. Insha-Allah it will grow bigger as the need for Islamic books is quite important. God bless you, Zeina, for managing and developing this wonderful library.

  • Saeeda says:

    We started coming to the Center three weeks ago to enroll our kids in the Sunday School. What we saw in the cafeteria on the way in was the library with its very colorful books, which especially intrigued us because my kids love reading but don’t often read Islamic books. What really got my attention is the team work of the library! I admire the two ladies sitting at the library desk for so long every Sunday and the ladies who run the snack table, who are very committed to helping this. That is really wonderful and I hope that the project will grow.

  • Santina Yacoub says:

    congratulaions on a Job Well Done Sister Zeina I miss Having this important source for my Kids (I moved to a diffrent state ) wish you the best and for the comunity members please dont miss this great chance for you kids …

  • Dalia Farag says:

    This is a great project and very benificial to me and my children.

  • heba says:

    This is a great project and I wish this project becomes bigger and gets more support.I am proud ” THIS IS THE MUSLIM Community”.

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