ICSC Hosts 3000+ for Eid al-Adha

By: Shirin Karoon 

Chants of Eid takbeerat could be heard from the Grand Ballroom of the Pasadena Convention Center as Muslims hurried to attend the Eid Prayer.  This was the first time the Islamic Center of Southern California hosted Eid ul-Adha prayers at that venue, but approximately 3,000 people  were estimated to have attended. Dr. Maher Hathout led the community in prayer and afterwards delivered an uplifting khutba focusing on two messages for the community. Click here to view photos of the prayer. 

First, he elaborated on the concept of sacrifice and bringing it back to our system of values.  He reminded of the great sacrifices Prophet Ibrahim, peace be uponhim, made to prove his love to the Almighty God where all his sacrifices were void of any selfishness.  He prayed for the community to have this spirit as well.

Secondly, Dr. Hathout stressed the importance of having a vision. This vision was relevant to people of all generations, young and old who have to struggle, work, and pray together to achieve their vision. He reminded of the cooperation between Ibrahim and Ismail.  When Ibrahim saw the vision to sacrifice his son for God Almighty, he consulted with him, whereas the son responded: “O father, do as you are told, for you will find me amongst those who are patient.” In addition, when father and son were commanded by God Almighty to build the first house for the worship of God, they both worked and prayed in harmony and cooperation do fulfill this command.  Dr. Hathout further reminded the youth to earn their parent’s trust by being trustworthy individuals.

After the prayers, the community dispersed in the lobby to enjoy chocolates, greet each other with love and hugs,  and enjoy the rest of this blessed day. Click here to view photos of the prayer. 

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