“In the Hands of the Prophet”

 By: Eba Hathout


“In the Hands of the Prophet” is an Arabic poem written by Hassan Hathout in 1968 during a visit to Prophet Mohammed’s grave in Medina. In the poem, Hassan Hathout sheds tears of regret over a Nation that had lost its soul, and expresses guilt over his inability to heal it given his profession as physician and surgeon.  This poem contains many of Hassan Hathout’s aspirations regarding the medical profession and its constituents. From there, Hassan Hathout moves on pondering over many of his people who disregarded their creator and faith, and sees this as a pivotal cause of their physical and spiritual defeat. He aches over the political and social injustices that prevailed in the Middle East, and the multiple gods (ideologies) its people had been drawn to worship. He marvels at how the light of true religion is powerful and all encompassing. He reminds us that divine guidance helped the prophet overcome mighty powers. He concludes by praying for God to take over the ship (of humanity), and by describing how he personally found liberation in surrendering his own will to that of God.


We apologize to our friends who do not speak Arabic, there is no English translation available.


To listen to the original Arabic poem in the voice of Hassan Hathout, please click on the following link:


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