MYG Co-Chairs Muslim-Jewish High School Leadership Council

By: Soha Yassine

I am delighted to announce that the Muslim Youth Group of the Islamic Center of Southern California has co-chaired the newly formed Muslim-Jewish High School Leadership Council.  Our teenagers came to us asking for the chance to enact the religious values we have taught them with their peers from other faith communities.  And we listened.

This year, we will select fourteen extraordinary students to study Muslim and Jewish communal responses to pressing social issues.  These students will learn from organizational leaders how religious values inform their work in combating hunger, poverty and discrimination.  The City of Los Angeles Human Relations Commission proudly supports the Muslim-Jewish High School Leadership Council for cultivating interfaith understanding and coalition building between two communities that have faced challenges and difficulties in maintaining meaningful dialogue.

These 14 youths will pave the way for us to strengthen Muslim-Jewish relations in our city when they launch their own joint social justice project and bring their communities together to work for the greater good of Los Angeles. In addition to having a transformative experience, those selected will be honored by the Human Relations Commission with an award for their willingness to move beyond differences and contribute to improving intergroup relations in Los Angeles.

To make this project a success, we need the best and brightest to participate.  Do you know a current high school freshman, sophomore or junior with a passion for social justice rooted in the tradition of Islam or Judaism?  Encourage them to apply at

We are looking to the next generation to help lead us into an era of Muslim-Jewish relations defined by understanding and cooperation.  And you can help us build this movement.  To find out more information on how to support this project, please visit


Since 2011, Soha Yassine has served as the Youth and Volunteer Coordinator at the ICSC. 

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