Battle of the Books Update

By: Dr. Zeina Ghannem 

After Ramadan, 3 teams of each age group will lock in a battle of knowledge over Islamic books.  The teams will be carefully selected, through an examination on the assigned books, and come out ready to win.  The age groups consist of 5-7 years old, 8-10 years, and 11-14 years old.  The team members, after studying the books and being selected, will have their hand on the buzzer during the competition with 2 other teams, itching to press the button first and answer the question in order to receive points.
The currently assigned books are:

Ages 6-7

Title/ Subtitle                                                                Author                                          Age   

Zaki’s Ramadan Fast Ann P El-Moslimany 6 to 7
A Drop of Mercy The Water Cycle
Nordin Endut


6 to 7
Grandfather’s Orchard Dr. Abidullah Ghazi 6 to 7 
Ruler of The Courtyard Rukhsana Khan 6 to 7 
Silly Chicken Rukhsana Khan 6 to 7 
Bedtime Ba-a-a-lk Rukhsana Khan/Kristi Frost 6 to 7 
Time To Pray Maha Addasi 6 to 7



Ages 8-10

Title/ Subtitle                                                                Author                                          Age       

 Honeybees That Build Perfect Combs Harun Yahya 8 to 10
I’m Learning About The Prophet Muhammad Sanyasin Khan 8 to 10
Umar and the Bully Shabana Mir 8 to 10
Ibrahim, Peace Be Upon Him Fatima Maryam Sinclair 8 to 10
Yunus and the Whale Noura Durkee 8 to 10
Yusuf Peace Be Upon Him Fatima Maryam Sinclair 8 to 10
The White Nights of Ramadan Maha Addasi 8 to 10
Moon Watchers Shirin’s Ramadan Miracle Reza Jalali 8 to 10
Ismat’s Eid Fawzia Gilani-Williams 8 to 10
Muhammad The Last Prophet Dr. Alia N Athar 8 to 10

The Prophets of Allah (1)                                                                          Suhaib Hamid Ghazi                   8 to 10

King of the Skies                                                                                        Rukhsana Khan                            8 to 10

The Roses in my Carpets                                                                          Rukhsana Khan


Ages 11-14

Title/ Subtitle                                                                Author                                          Age      

Invincible Abdullah The Deadly Mountain Revenge Haji Uthman Hutchinson 11 to 14
The Dream Come True The Story of The Prophet Yusuf UK Islamic Academy 11 to 14

Islam 2.0 Maher Hathout 11 to 14
Muhammad (pbuh) his life based on the earliest sources Martin Lings 11 to 14

Many Windows                                                                                           Rukhsana Khan                            11 to 14



The highest scoring on the test (3 from each class) will assemble as a team.



Every participant will come out with a prize Insha’Allah


1st place team per person: $50.00


1st place: $30.00


1st place: $30.00


Volunteers are very much appreciated!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at


Jazakum Allah Khairan!


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