June Family Night re-cap

By: Dr. Zeina Ghanem 

Alhamdulillah the June Family Night was great. You can view photos of the event here

From the beautiful sitting area to the resounding of the Adhan by Dr. Saleh Kholoki’s  throughtout the masjid, everywhere you turned was just something more to enjoy.

Grinning people push past you, calling out conversationally in Arabic, English, Urdu, Farsi, Spanish and other languages.  All are eager to get the delicious and juicy chicken made by our Algerian wonderful volunteers.  Others, who have already been lucky enough to get their chicken and salad early are sitting at the tables and chatting.  Others are eating the mankiesh, tasting just like it came from the mountains of Lebanon, and the falafel, straight from the streets of Egypt. 

Coming into the door of the masjid, you see on the basketball court your kids enthralled in the movie “Muhammad (pbuh)”.  The dramatic music and booming dialogue builds up the suspense, and leaves the kids on the edge of their seats.

Inside the masjid, the lovely volunteers are hard at work inside the kitchen.

You feel a sense of closeness to Allah as you walk near the prayer area.  You are close to tears.Dr. Kholoki’s ringing Adhan moves you deeply.  The Quran recitation in prayer was like Ramadan.

You want to know more, so you head into the Lecture Hall. There, Dr. Kholoki’s lecture enlightens you on all kinds of matters of Islam. Upstairs the youth worked on an art project expressing their relationships with Allah. 

If you weren’t there, you missed a great event.

Thank you Dr. Elhami Nasr for always supporting the community activities. 

A big hand for the administration, whom even after the long day working would still help us from A-Z to succeed the event. Thank Br. Kenan, Sis. Shirin Karoon.  Thank you Br. Mohammad Qureshi for your support and advice, and for helping us organize the event a great deal. Thank you Sis. Soha for the wonders you do with the youth.


Special thanks for all the brilliant volunteers that always been a great help. Thank you: 

Omar and Nafeesa Merzougi

Azza Smith

Ida and Andi Salki

Amal Hassan

Anya and Jason Abel

Mirvat Kazaz

Faten Barakat

Wafaa Kakatee

Mohammad Ghannoum

Jenine Barakat

Maha Kamal

Moustapha Merzougi

Inaia Moughrabi

Sami Ghanem

Sandra Maghrabi

Sarah Maghrabi 


Check out the photos of the event here


Dr. Zeina Ghanem a committed ICSC volunteer. Her work includes creating the ICSC Borrowing Library and she is currently the chairperson of the ICSC Social Committee. 

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