MYG Joins Interfaith Inventions

By: Soha Yassine 


This year, the MYG partnered up once again to send a delegation of Muslim youth to the Annual Interfaith Inventions Camp. The camp is designed to foster ongoing friendships among youth of different religions and backgrounds. Through communication games, music, theatre, art, sharing listening circles, guest lectures, yoga, meditation, storytelling, challenge courses, kayaking, nature walks, and other activities, the camp creates a safe & positive environment for youth to build multi-faith knowledge, relationships and trust. Through this longstanding relationship with the camp, the MYG has been able to send dozens of young Muslims for intense interfaith training over the years. The camp is limited to 35 youth participants; this year 5 of them were from MYG.

Click below to see a video summary of this year’s camp which took place between July 22-27, 2012:


The one week long camp program offers children and youth ages 14-17 with rich, interactive summer experiences. Aims of the summer camps include:

  • Provide a life-changing experience in which
    children can learn firsthand about each other’s
    customs and lifestyles.
  • Offer a stimulating environment where youth
    can work with and learn to know peers and leaders
    of diverse backgrounds and cultures.
  • Give youth opportunities to experiment, play,
    use their imagination, and share ideas with others
    of different faiths.
  • Create a place where kids can get away from peer
    pressure, school pressure, societal pressure and
    family pressure to be with others they otherwise
    would not get to know.
  • Provide parents, educators and all who seek to enrich the lives of children with programs to bring together people of diverse faiths.

Soha Yassine is the Youth and Volunteer Coordinator at the ICSC. If you are interested in learning more about the Muslim Youth Group, MECA SoCal, or volunteering at ICSC, email

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