Academy of Islamic Thought Module 1 Course Descriptions

By: Sajid Veera

The Highlights of the Seerah

Every Sunday Starting on September 16, 2012

Upon completion of the six class course, the participants will be familiar with these main events Of Prophet Mohammad {PBUH} in the context of life at his time and place, this course will not emphasize the prophet’s “miracles”. The jist of the course will be how to benefit from the Seerah at the present time.
Pre Islamic Arabia will be discussed until the time of the Hijra to Madina.

1- Pre  Islamic Arabia:
Will explore the composition of Arabic society  prior to Islam , showing the power pockets,and the value system that controlled the relationships in this society,this will end by the beginning of the revelation.


2-The Maccan period:
This period will be divided into several stages
A: The secret message
B: Public declaration
C: Persecution
D: The Hijra


3- Hijra to Madina / Badr
Foundation of the society in Madina
The Madina constitution


4- Madina years  3-5
The transformation from a tribal society to a centrally governed pluralistic society


5- Madina years 6-8
Tensions with Jewish community and Qureish
Confrontation and negotiation


6-  Madina the last period
The Hudeibeiya Treaty and its significance
The opening of Mecca
The death of the prophet “PBUH” and the repercussion after that


The mission ofAIT is to offer a cutting-edge adult educational program to develop a balanced American Muslim community that is empowered with authentic, solid, and relevant knowledge and a modern understanding of Islam.


This program is designed to nurture different dimensions of human development: intellectual, social, spiritual and personal development. Three eight-week-long courses will address the three human development areas and the fourth one will focus on the application of Islamic knowledge. These four course modules will be presented over a one-year period and will continue to build on the knowledge from the previous year. The curriculum is built on the following five principles: it is based on authentic Islamic sources; is relevant to the time and place we live in; addresses the needs of a diverse community; covers different human development areas; and focuses on application of learned knowledge.


There are four modules for this year, which will be offered starting from September 16 .The classes are offered Sundays from 9:00 am to 11 am at the ICSC. Each five to six-week course is $100. Child-care is offered at the rate of $15 for all 6 weeks by the ICSC. Quran classes are also offered for kids at a cost of $15 for all 6 classes.


The first course starts Sunday, September 18. The topic for this module is “The Seerah of the Prophet (PBUH).  Please visit WWW.ACADEMYOFISLAMICTHOUGHT.ORG for more information and to register. Spaces are limited so please hurry. May Allah (swt) help us to live our lives according to His guidance.


Sajid Veera is a founding member of the Academy of Islamic Thought and a committed ICSC volunteer. 


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