Ramadan a success– thanks to you!

By: Zeina Zein


As Chairperson of the Social Services Committee, I would like to recognize and thank her team for their dedication and hard work in making this year’s Iftar program at ICSC unique and memorable.  Iftar was provided to approximately 450 people on weeknights and to approximately 750 people on weekends. The community was treated to a variety of food from around the world, from Egypt to Bangladesh, from Lebanon to Pakistan and India and further beyond.


A special thank you to the following individuals who were among those who contributed time and/or money towards the success of this program:


Samiya Pervin, Yahya Shiekh, Azmeralda Alfi, Mahmoud Abdel-Baset, Mohammad Samim Mohibzada, Fawwad Memon, Hisham Abdul Aziz, Aida Osman, Zahra Touti, Azzah Smith, Maie St. Johh, Magda Abdul Rahman, Naama Ali, Zizi Abdel Baset, Naz Haraha, Ahmad Ali, Rezuar Osmani, Ida Sakli, Houmeira Pervin, Anya Abel, Andi Sakli, Jason Abel, Maya Ghanem, Khaleel Mohammad, Sami Ghanem, Bassam Ghanem, Amina Ghanem, Nafeesah Merzougi, Layla Abou Zamzam, Zozo Hassan, Abeer Hassan, Faizan Memon, Nahed Ibrahim, Hoda Hassan, Katija Kazi, Magda Fikry, Khandakar Ahmad and everyone else that helped and donated. 

Thanks to the Chairperson of the Islamic Center of Southern California, Elhami Nasr, for helping us realize the joy in helping the community as part of the fabric of Ramadan at the ICSC. His help has been priceless to us, and the work he does for the community is very admirable.

Thanks to the people who worked tirelessely behind the scenes to make sure that the entire month would run smoothly. Thank you to the Administration: Mohammed Qureshi, Shirin Karoon, Kenan Kapetanovic and Ahmed Ahmed.

Dr. Zeina Ghanem a committed ICSC volunteer. Her work includes creating the ICSC Borrowing Library and she is currently the chairperson of the ICSC Social Committee. 

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