AIT Module 2 registration now open!

By: Editor
AIT has recently began it’s 4th year, and has already completed another
successful Module 1, with Dr.Maher Hathout.

Module 2 registration is now open online at
The dates for the Module 2 are November 4,11,18,December 2,9,and 16. Each
Sunday class will be held at the Islamic Center of Southern California
from 9-11 am. Please take some time to read the information regarding the
topic for the upcoming module as it is a very relative topic for our
Muslim communities.


The instructor for the six-week module will be Mr.Jihad Turk, the Interim
Dean at Bayan Claremont, An Islamic Graduate School of Claremont Lincoln
University. He is also a Religious Advisor at the Islamic Center of
Southern California.


Upon completion of this course, AIT students will be familiar with a broad
range of leadership skills that pertain to the Muslim Community. The
course will explore community structures, leadership strategies, education
and spiritual formation as well as aspects that challenge our communities’
growth, including race and gender relations, reaching the youth, and
effective communications strategies.


Class Meetings/Topics:
1: Exploring the various aspects of leadership; Da’wah and Interfaith;
(the class will take a field trip to First Christian Church around the
corner from the ICSC to attend an interfaith trialogue hosted by an NPR
radio personality.
2: Managing the education of the community; Full-time and Sunday Schools;
Halaqa; Youth and the middle demographics
3: Counseling and family issues; Fatawa and Fiqh issues
4: Race and Gender Issues; Governance and Board meetings, Finances and
5: Janaza and Mortuary Services; Convert Support;Teaching spirituality
while maintaining your own.
6: Communication (online presence, Facebook, email, twitter, blogs, etc…);
Managing your community’s image internally and externally

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