ICSC Youth Testify at LA City Human Relations Commission Anti-Bullying Hearing

By: Soha Yassine 


Wasi with ICSC Youth Coordinator Soha Yassine and the other panelists

On November 7, 2012, the Los Angeles City Human Relations Commission convened an anti-bullying forum for city officials. The forum consisted of individual presentations by a panel of youth as well as an open forum for comments and discussion. The panel featured Wasi Momin alongside three other Southern California youth:


Sarah Hartmann, Downtown Magnets High School
Kaysy Bonilla, Hollywood High School
Harpreet Singh, Graduate of Van Nuys High School
Wasi Momin, Graduate of Fairfax Senior High School



In his testimony, Wasi spoke of the need to educate the educators about Islamophobia and the myths about Muslims. He also mentioned that were it not for the strong support system he had in the form of his youth group, that he would not havebeen equipped to cope with bullies as well as he has been able to. Waffa Abuhajer spoke during the comment portion, offering a perspective of anti-Muslim bullying and Islamophobia.


Click below to watch video of the hearing:

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Waffa offering her remarks

The City of Los Angeles Human Relations Commission (City HRC) and the LAUSD Human Relations, Diversity and Equity office convened an Anti-Bullying Coalition (ABC) in 2011 to address issues relating to bullying. The Coalition is composed of stakeholders who work to address bullying and bias in the community and on school campuses. We seek to harness existing efforts to promote a collaborative approach that endorses positive school engagement.

The Purpose of the Anti-Bullying Coalition is to:

  1. Join efforts between community stakeholders and government institutions to further strengthen anti-bullying efforts.
  2. Streamline information and provide guided resources for schools, policy makers and  communities.
  3. Generate specific policy recommendations and best practices to build safe and affirming schools and communities.

 Soha Yassine is the Youth and Volunteer Coordinator of the ICSC. 

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