AIT Module 3 The American Muslim Family Life: Conflicts and Resolution

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The American Muslim family is facing challenges as it attempts to define its identity, roles, and goals. This course describes the challenges faced by the family unit and opens the discussion to come up with solutions. The course analyzes the merging of American and traditional cultural values and points the way to a new set of standards that remains faithful to the Islamic framework.
Course Objectives
By the end of this module student will be able to:
1. Understand the shifting dynamics of the relationships between adult children and their parents
2. Analyze the complexities surrounding finding a spouse in the community.
3. Explore issues surrounding marital incompatibilities and divorce dynamics.
4. Learn the physiology of sex and look at family issues surrounding intimacy.
5. Discuss and analyze teen-parent relationships
6. Explore and understand the anger cycle at the level of the individual, family and community.
C L A S S E S :
Shifting independence: 
• Stress points between parents and their adult children
• Relations with In-laws
• Aging parents
Finding a spouse in a dating world: 
• Selections & expectations
• Where and how to find spouse
• Love insha Allah
When I don’t love you any more? 
• Marital incompatibilities
• The impact of divorce on the family wellbeing
Sex, love, and lust:
• Understanding the physiology of sex
• Islam and sex
• The impact of pornography on marriage
• Nurturing healthy sexual attitudes in kids
Help! I am losing my teen:
• Teens’ evolving identity
• Power struggles and miscommunication
• How to connect
I am angry, you are angry, the whole Ummah is angry:
• Beliefs, perceptions, and anger
• Bullying
• Domestic Violence
• Personal responsibility

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