ICSC Families join hands in being grateful to God

By: Dr. Elhami Nasr 


On Saturday, December 8th, our ICSC Social and Religious Committees continued the tradition of the monthly Family Nights by hosting this month’s Family Night with an emphasis on spirituality entitled “Being Grateful to God.”


Click here to see more photos of the event. 


Everybody sought spiritual enlightenment and were treated to a stirring Quranic recitation, prayer, and moving words about being driven to actively thank Allah (SWT).


Our kids were entertained to a night of games, a magician, and even a train. Alhamdulillah, they were excited, connected, and most important they made new friends.


We hope we were able to accomplish part of our goal in motivating our kids and our youth to look forward to coming to our Center by the enjoyable atmosphere, festivities, and beautiful area of worship.


Thank you to our Social Committee members, the Religious Committee, and the Administration, who were there to create such a night, and all who support them, and supported this night. You’ve made this another strong bond that will always unite our community, and a thing that makes the ICSC special.


May Allah bless and reward you all.

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