Learning and Growing- Americorps Update

By: Abeer Gaber 


This month has been difficult as well as we are still trying to learn and grow in our new

roles. But, I do believe I have had somewhat of a success with a certain client. She is a middle-

aged woman who is divorced with three children. One of them lives with her and the others

with her ex-husband. She is trying to make a way for herself after always relying on her

husband who brought her here from Jordan. It is very difficult but I believe she has the

capability to do it. She has worked odd jobs before but she wants a more permanent job that

can give an income that she can sustain herself and her children on.


I have met with her twice so far in person and have had several discussions with her

over the phone. She has a resume ready and I was able to sit her down and have a one-on-one

resume workshop with her and give her some pointers on how to improve her resume and

make it more attractive. In addition, I was able to help her write a cover letter that can be used

as a template for a lot of her applications. So, the reason why I am writing about this client is

that I have helped her and she has also helped me in that she has given me new information. I

sent her different job opportunities and she also found a staffing agency near her where she

applied. I did not know about staffing agencies so she gave me a vital piece of information that

will help me with my work.

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