ICSC Participates in Interfaith Recovery Day

By: Hatice Kubra Sen


We as Islamic Center of Southern California were honored to be invited by SHARE to the Recovery Day on January 26th 2013. SHARE is one of the grassroots non-profit agencies reaching out people from all walks of life. They have more than 25 self-support groups and provide a housing assistance for people having low-income level.


ICSC Los Angeles has been partnering with SHARE through the formation of self-support groups. The prospective support group will be expected to embrace everyone regardless of a religious, an ethnic and a racial background in order not only to expand the society’s awareness about Islam and its principles, but also to assist prospective members in dealing with their daily life struggles or any sort of problems they have been going through. The prospective meetings will be held at SHARE’s one of the branches in Culver City area, and will be initiated on the third week of February 2013. The regular self-support group meetings are scheduled on Wednesdays between 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm in Culver City.


On January 26th of the SHARE RECOVERY day meeting, there have been few valuable community members along with ICSC’s counselor. There was a fruitful meeting in which productive ideas were sincerely being exchanged.  Not only had the community member Mr. Ali Tweini disclosed his enlightening ideas and his two sons also shared their various positive life experiences which have assisted them in developing strong American Muslim identity. It was also nice to see the contribution of a Muslim member Alex, who shared his exploratory experiences in his spiritual journey.


Apart from having had our group meeting with members, we have gained an opportunity to discuss with other community members and organizations such as Los Angeles CoDA Community, 12 Step AA, Los Angeles County Client Coalition.


If you are interested in being a member of our prospective Islamic Group called “RECOVERY THROUGH ISLAM” at SHARE, please inquire more information through the center.


Hatice is a Marriage & Family Therapy Trainee completing here internship hours as a counselor as a Marriage and Family Therapist. If you’re interested in counseling services, or learning more about our support groups, email Hatice at 

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