MPAC & ICSC Host Legislative Staffers Brunch

By: Marium Mohiuddin 

Imam Tariq Ansaar Aquil, the Executive Director of<br>the Interreligious Council for Prevention and<br>Resolution of Global Crisis

Last week as part of its continuing mission and commitment to work with government officials, MPAC and the Islamic Center of Southern California (ICSC) met with staffers from national, state and local elected officials’ offices to discuss 2013 initiatives and provide assistance in understanding the issues and policies that are affecting American Muslims.

See more photos here: Winter 2013 Staffers Legislative Brunch


More than 15 staffers were able to join MPAC’s staff in Los Angeles along with our guest speaker Imam Tariq Ansaar Aquil, the Executive Director of the Interreligious Council for Prevention and Resolution of Global Crisis and the former Special Assistant to the late Imam W.D. Mohammed (who led the largest organized body of Muslims in the U.S.).


In time for Black History Month, he spoke to us about the challenges and opportunities he has faced as an African American Muslim for the past 50 years. Imam Aquil is a wealth of history and wisdom. From working alongside Malcolm X to speaking at the White House to working to rehabilitate incarcerated Muslims, he embodies the American Muslim experience.


MPAC also provided a sneak preview of its new policy paper, “Muslims & the Making of America.” This paper provides an unprecedented in-depth look at the first-known Muslims in the 1600s and of the positive influence of Islam and Muslims throughout American history.


MPAC and ICSC look forward to working with staffers and elected offices directly in the coming weeks and months. As Imam Asim Buyuksoy, the new Religious Director of ICSC, said in the closing prayer, let’s hope this is a good year filled with many possibilities to help all people.

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