MYG Holds Annual Ski Trip at Mountain High

By: Waffa Abuhajer
Waking up in the morning at 4:30 may be a drag, but not when you are going to a ski trip with friends! The MYG Ski Trip 2013 was created by the MYG, for the MYG to strengthen their relationship with God. With the help of their peers, they were able to do this by snowboarding, skiing, or just having a snowball fight. On our way to Mountain High Ski Resort, the bus was filled with chatter and laughter amongst the teens and counselors. Of course, before we were on our way, we all recited the Dua’a of Traveling together to ensure we all would have a safe trip.


After arriving, the members of the trip were all eager to grab their snowboards and ski equipment, and they were off! For those who did not know how to snowboard or ski, they were able to get private lessons, and help from their generous counselors. Most of them were pretty good! For the pros and beginners, they said, “Going down the mountain, with cold wind in your face, is the best feeling ever!” For the non-snowboarders and skiers, they were having a snowball fight, creating snowmen and angels, and staring at the beautiful snow we cannot see in Los Angeles.


After a long day at Mountain High Ski Resort, we all ate a fabulous meal with each other discussing how our day went. While getting on the bus, the youth were glad they were able to experience an event that only comes once a year, but they were sad that they had to leave. Most of the participants said they were glad it was a one day only event, because they did not have to have to stay in the cold all weekend. Arriving at the ICSC, people left with smiles on their faces, and could not wait until next year.

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