Catching my Stride

By: Abeer Gaber 


I feel like I have finally begun to find my stride this month with regards to my

department. I am still facing difficulties with conveying to my clients what I actually

have to offer because I am still battling misconceptions about our program, many client

seem to think we have a budget still. But, I have begun to have success with my outreach

to different employers. They are beginning to respond positively and I have begun a

database of employers who have openings and who are open to seeing me as a recruiter. I

am talking about this because I have had my first client find a job.


I had a female client who was not born here and has lived in other states mostly

in the U.S. with her children. She came here and I referred her to different job fairs

first and she was appreciative. Then I found an employer who needs skills that she has

and introduced them to each other. The employer was only able to offer her a part-time

job until she gets more clients but part-time is at least a start and the client was very

appreciative. In addition, I have been doing advertising for the employer in order to help

her increase the clientele which shows the employer that we are interested in helping

them in any way possible in order to employ our clients. This was a small victory but a

significant one for me.

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