MYG Wins at Model United Nations Competition

By: Sami Ghanem 


The MYG represented 3 countries at the GCLA Global Classrooms Model United Nations, at the University of California, Los Angeles.


Othman and Omar represented Egypt while George represented Saudi Arabia in the UNEP committee, where they had very intense debates that made some in tears ABOUT… water.


The committee dealt with freshwater resources in an effort to ensure more of it.


In the meantime, at the Security Council, Nadia and I, as Pakistan, with our allies Guatemala, Morocco, and France, fought a power struggle against Togo, puppet of the nations of the US, UK, and Russia.  While we maintained our home bases and tried to interfere in the opposing resolution groups, we continued to struggle towards passing our resolution.  In the end, we lost the power struggle as Togo secured the promise of France not to veto their resolution.


We clinched the best position award but lost out on the Best Delegation Award to Togo.


Insha’Allah, our group will grow over the months until we can go out and win school awards, and even create our own conference at the ICSC.

Me, Sami Ghanem

Nadia Smita

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