Volunteering at Mayor’s Day

By: Abeer Gaber


As an Americorps  member, I am asked to serve the community on certain days throughout the year. So, I like to choose different volunteer opportunities to learn about different non-profit organizations in the Los Angles area and what they do. This gives me a chance to get to know the community and for them to get to know me. On April 10, 2013, I had the great opportunity to volunteer for a wonderful Los Angeles based non-profit organization called BABY2BABY who collect new or gently used clothing, diapers, food, strollers, etc to give to needy families in the Los Angeles Area. I was part of their GIVE BACK Wednesday event which they have every week.  They usually have like around 15 or more volunteers at each GIVE BACK Wednesday so we are able to finish a lot of their work.  They either host needy families at their office and give them basic necessities or have social services workers come and collect items on behalf of the families. It was very rewarding to go and help this organization because I have a niece and could not imagine her living without the basic necessities and alhamduallah I don’t. But, according to their website, “1 out of 3 moms has had to choose between giving their babies DIAPERS or FOOD”. This is something that I could not imagine having to choose from if I am lucky enough to be a mother. This organization distributes items to over 50 non-profit organizations in the Los Angeles area. So, this organization’s items reaches over 50,000 children per year. They give items to children up to 12 years of age. Donations must be in excellent condition.


You should only donate what you would feel comfortable seeing your own baby or family members use to their drop off location:

Their address is


6435 Wilshire Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90048


BABY2BABY is happy to accept the following new or very gently used items: Cribs*( NO DROP SIDE), Bassinets, Playpens*,Clothing (ages 0-12 years), Shoes, Toys, Books, DVDs/ CDs, Blankets/ Bedding/ Towels, Infant Tubs, Back & Front, Carriers, Highchairs, Bouncy seats, Swings, Baby Proofing Items, Baby Monitors, Diaper Bags, Baby Room Accessories, Strollers*, Maternity Clothing. This is a great organization that I have volunteered at a couple of times and is always accepting new volunteers from anywhere. There is no prerequesite to volunteer, you just have to be willing to give your time and energy.

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