Young Professionals of ICSC

Introducing the Young Professionals of the ICSC

By: Marya Mikati, YP of ICSC Co-founder

ICSC Young Professionals is the newest group to join the Islamic
Center of Southern California. The group was started by Lena
Ameripour, Marya Mikati, and Sarah Naqvi because they felt something
was missing from the groups aimed at the twenty-something to early
thirties age group. In talking to their peers they realized that this
was a common theme. Most young Muslims felt that after they had
“outgrown” the youth group it was difficult to attend the mosque
frequently and they no longer felt a connection to their local mosque.
Others wanted a non-judgmental environment to learn about Islam and
discuss issues conflicting with their Islamic values that they came
across in their professional and personal lives. Finally, others just
wanted to develop friendships with other Muslims through social
events. Ameripour, Mikati, and Naqvi decided that a group that met
bi-weekly at the Islamic Center and focused its activities around
spiritual and professional growth would serve all these needs. From
the very first kick-off meeting, it appeared that the rest of their
peers agreed! ICSC Young Professionals kick-off meeting was attended
by 70 young Muslims from all over Southern California ranging from
Thousand Oaks to Riverside. All the members were excited to get
involved and be a part of this new group and Adam Momand was appointed
sports coordinator.

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