MYG and Gladys R. Trad Memorial Fund Partner to help youth

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Since 2006, the Gladys R. Trad Memorial Scholarship Fund has recognized a deserving high school senior who is an active member of the Islamic Center’s Youth Group, maintains a high grade point average, and is active in… Continue reading

MYG Co-Chairs Muslim-Jewish High School Leadership Council

By: Soha Yassine

I am delighted to announce that the Muslim Youth Group of the Islamic Center of Southern California has co-chaired the newly formed Muslim-Jewish High School Leadership Council.  Our teenagers came to us asking… Continue reading

MYG’s 2012 Ski Trip

By: Maha Kamel

The two bright yellow school buses contrasted beautifully against the fresh blanket of white snow that just arrived to greet the Muslim Youth Group and its annual Ski Trip. Friday February 17 th marked the… Continue reading

MPAC Announces 2012 Young Leaders Summits

By: Marium Mohideen, MPAC

(Washington, DC, – 2/29/12) – The Muslim Public Affairs Council is proud to announce that it is now accepting applications for its 2012 Young Leaders Summits, which offer Muslim American undergraduate and graduate students a one-of-a-kind… Continue reading

[In the Media] ICSC Youth Interfaith Partnership Yields Positive Results

By: By Michael Aushenker / Special to The Malibu Times

Published: Wednesday, February 22, 2012 1:53 PM PST

An interfaith youth leadership camp devoted to bringing together kids from diverse backgrounds returns to Malibu, where the concept was… Continue reading

Mawlid al-Nabi Celebration for ICSC Youth

By: Zeina Zein 

The Borrowing Library and the PTA held a celebration for the birth of our Prophet (pbuh) on Sunday, February 12 to commemorate this immensely important date in Islamic history. Alhamdulillah, we had 70… Continue reading

Muslim-Jewish Leadership Council: A partnership between NewGround and ICSC

By: Rabbi Sarah Bassin 
When I first began working with NewGround, I expected that the most significant obstacle that I would face in strengthening Muslim-Jewish relations would be apathy- that people just wouldn’t understand why it matters if Jews… Continue reading

Barrier: A Youth Reflection

By: Khtija Khair 

Almost my whole life I’ve felt this barrier between me and God. The closer I try to get to Him, the further I get pushed back. But why? Its so simple right. Call out… Continue reading

Laughter, Food, and Exchange

By: Maha Kamel 

The deep aroma of Persian food in the air in the midst of laughter and conversation. It was the image of da’wa. It was a Friday afternoon and the Granada Hills Charter High School MSA was… Continue reading

MYG Open House “A Huge Success”

By: Wasi Momin 

There was a feeling of familiarity in the air as I stepped through those double doors.  It was to mark the beginning of another one of many successful MYG years. With all the amazing memories… Continue reading

What Would you do if your Child was Bullied?

From MPAC–

October 1, 2011

Stand Up Against Bullying Forum will help parents address the question of what would you do if your child was being bullied?

Holly Priebe-Diaz, Human Relations, Diversity, and Equity department of the Los Angeles… Continue reading

Post-Ramadan reflection

By: Wasi Momin 

Ramadan. I spend every year in anticipation for it, eager for it to arrive. And when it comes, it just seems to fly by. And when it has passed, I’m wondering where it went. They say… Continue reading

[Media Update] ICSC’s Eid Prayer featured on KPCC

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Aug. 29, 2011 | KPCC

Thousands of Muslims will gather at the Los Angeles Convention Center on Tuesday morning to kick off Eid al-Fitr, a three-day celebration that marks the end of the Islamic holy month of… Continue reading

[Media Update] MYG on Good Food (KCRW 89.3)

By: Soha Yassine, MYG Coordinator 

Click here to View KCRW’s Photos from the interview. 

The Power of a Prayer

By: Maha Kamel 

A quiet moment of reflection during the MYG Youth Night

A quiet moment of reflection during the MYG Youth Night


I felt the tears fall upon my cheeks as I turned left and right to end my prayer. I had just finished a prayer that… Continue reading


MYG is a place I never thought I would end up loving. It’s more than just lectures our parents drag us to every Sunday, in fact it has become a family to me as well as for others within the… Continue reading

Youth to bond during ski trip

The Muslim Youth Group’s annual Ski Trip is the highlight of the winter season. It’s an occasion for the Muslim youth of Southern California to get together, meet other young Muslims and take some time out of their hectic lives to learn and appreciate Islam. The youth form irretractable bonds during those three days, bonds that very often bloom into lifelong friendships. The Ski Trip’s Islamic ambience harks back to that of the Islamic Center of Southern California’s belief that worshipping Allah can, and should be, fun.

This ideology is apparent upon taking a closer look at the activities that take place during the Ski Trip. Every day starts with Fajr Prayer as a group, despite the freezing temperatures; everyone gets up to pray with their cabin-mates and start the day off thanking Allah. Continue reading

Youth overnight lock-in to be a new effort for success

What is a youth group? Is it mainly just a place where youth come to hang out with their friends? Is it a place where they can meet individuals like themselves? Could it simply be a place for parents to drop off their children in order to have a day or night of relaxation? In essence it’s all of these things and so much more.

via Creative Commons

via Creative Commons

A youth group should be a place to change youth for the better in almost every avenue their lives are a part of. At the Muslim Youth Group of the Islamic Center of Southern California we pride ourselves in making sure that our youth are strong in academics, life skills and the deen of Islam. Continue reading

Record-setting participation in ICSC Ramadan activities

Ramadan at the Islamic Center of Southern California was indeed a unique experience. We were able to serve Iftar every night to an average of 400 people.  We hosted hundreds for taraweeh prayers and spiritual nights. And we engaged young community members who recited impressive Quranic excerpts in for the community

The ICSC iftars were made possible thanks to the generous contribution of our gracious donors whose response was overwhelming.  Exotic meals were provided by various restaurants and served by a group of volunteers, who went beyond the call of duty to host the community and make the breaking of fast a truly spiritual experience.  Everyone was trying to gain the pleasure of Allah (swt) by maximizing their good deeds, providing Iftar, serving Iftar, or simply cleaning up afterward.  Continue reading

Youth excitement filled all-night Ramadan events

This past Ramadan had been a time of renewal for the Muslim Youth Group of the Islamic Center of Southern California- a renewal of faith and of friendship. Earlier in the summer, the MYG Board had decided not to hold many events during Ramadan, but to have at least two spiritual nights as well as a Toy Drive.

The first spiritual night was a success in numbers; it seems that our weekly activities during the summer were able to draw a good crowd for our Ramadan activities. We had at least 35 youth at our first spiritual night. After the usual taraweeh prayers downstairs, the youth would gather inside or outside to play basketball, board games, or just socialize. Around midnight we gathered everyone upstairs in the MYG room and began wrapping gifts for our Toy Drive. Continue reading