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The ICSC Blog was created and is maintained by and for the Islamic Center of Southern California community. We encourage you to offer feedback, either by commenting on one of our articles, speaking with us in person during your next visit to the ICSC or through email at

The Islamic Center of Southern California is located at 434 S. Vermont Ave in Los Angeles.

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  • RYAN KHAN says:


  • Nur says:

    In the upcoming events section it lists the Eid as being on November 27. Maybe this is the update from last year?


  • Rehana says:

    I am looking for a tutor for my 2 boys for Quran and prayer. Do you have any names or suggestions?

  • Shawna Amini says:

    I wanted to know what types of Food are encouraged to be donated for the Food Pantry.

    Thank You.

    -Shawna Amini

  • Malika says:

    I love the articles I read in the BLOG. Too bad there is Facebook icon to be able to post on Facebook. I would love to disperse this important information. Thanks.

  • Matthew Miller says:

    Im an US Army recruiter. We are currently looking for Interpreters that speak Pashto, Dari and Farsi to translate in the service. I was wondering if you could post a blog with my template or if you know people who would be interested in starting a career in the Army. Please call me back at 323-481-5750 or email

  • James J. Jarvis says:

    Do you still publish The Minaret magazine? If yes, I would like a subscription. How do I get it? How much?
    James J. Jarvis

  • Abdulrahman hasan says:

    My name is Abdulrahman Muhammed Hasan. I am from Egypt. I am studying now in the faculty of languages and translation in the department of Islamic studies ( Al Azhar university). I will graduate next year. I want to help you in any way even through internet. Please if you have Islamic materials in Arabic or English which should be translated, don’t hesitate to contact me. I am eager to be among your team who convey the message of Islam to the foreigners. I want to be a part of this great project. Please read this message seriously. Don’t prevent me from the reward of helping you to convey the message of Islam to others as long as you have the chance to do that.Waiting to hear from you.

  • Terry says:

    I am looking for the document “The King’s Way” that I heard so much about. I am excited to learn more about Islam and how it is influencing and making inroads into Christianity. Soon Christianity will melt away and we will be victorious. I know about the 7 step “Stand Together” project, but I have not had the chance to view the King’s Way document. Thank you very much


  • Rashid Tifrit says:

    My grand children visited the archives wanted to know about my services along with those who served establishing the Islamic foundation of Southern Calif , than the I C S C . The archive module is limited in time. Salam.

  • Brian says:

    Are non members welcome to come to the mosque for daily prayer?

  • soha says:

    all are welcome :)

  • Kimberley Williams says:

    I left a message for someone to contact me regarding visit the center I am interested in learning more about Islamic faith
    I would prefer another woman. I have attended prayer at the North Hollywoood location,
    However, this location is closer to me as that I live near downtown.
    I am currently a Christian but have been reading the Quaran and seeking further knowledge.
    Email me and I provide my phone numbers

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