Longer, hotter fasts test athletes

When Adam Burpee’s high school football teammates rush to nearby water coolers in the afternoon heat, he watches and waits.

On a normal day, in a normal month of his senior season, the 17-year-old would take the opportunity to hydrate, but with the Muslim holy month of fasting underway, he won’t have any food or drink until after sundown — at least two hours after the end of his practices.

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Creative Commons

It’s not easy, he said, especially with August and September temperatures that have often crept up to triple-digit levels.  Continue reading

Fasting and fitness: keep the pounds off

Some Muslims have the misconception that since they fasted all day long, they can eat as much as they want after sunset. The bottom line is that if you do not burn the calories that you consume, you will gain weight. And the fact is, that most Muslims will consume more calories and move less during Ramadan.

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