ICSC members have a smooth Hajj experience

This year’s Hajj with members of our mosque community was wonderful. As usual, the awesome feeling of bliss and the overwhelming presence of Allah’s mercy in every step and every ritual was more than sufficient, alhamdulillah.

Food and accommodation were great and the weather was very pleasant.

Fears of swine flue disappeared and we didn’t hear about flood casualties in Jeddah. A rain storm in Mina presented an excitement but no danger; we had to relocate to a hotel from the Mina camp to allow the water to dry up. Continue reading

Thousands attend Eid prayers at Wilshire Grand

Chants of the Eid Takbeer could be heard from the prayer hall as worshippers hurried to attend the Eid prayer.  The Islamic Center of Southern California hosted Eid-ul-Adha prayers this year at the Wilshire Grand Hotel.  The first prayer was held at 7:30 AM and the second prayer was at 9:30 AM

Dr. Maher Hathout led the community for the first prayer.  Approximately 2,000 people attended.  Dr. Saleh Kholaki and Br. Jihad Turk led the congregation for the second prayer; approximately 1,000 people attended.  Continue reading