spiritual night

Record-setting participation in ICSC Ramadan activities

Ramadan at the Islamic Center of Southern California was indeed a unique experience. We were able to serve Iftar every night to an average of 400 people.  We hosted hundreds for taraweeh prayers and spiritual nights. And we engaged young community members who recited impressive Quranic excerpts in for the community

The ICSC iftars were made possible thanks to the generous contribution of our gracious donors whose response was overwhelming.  Exotic meals were provided by various restaurants and served by a group of volunteers, who went beyond the call of duty to host the community and make the breaking of fast a truly spiritual experience.  Everyone was trying to gain the pleasure of Allah (swt) by maximizing their good deeds, providing Iftar, serving Iftar, or simply cleaning up afterward.  Continue reading

Youth excitement filled all-night Ramadan events

This past Ramadan had been a time of renewal for the Muslim Youth Group of the Islamic Center of Southern California- a renewal of faith and of friendship. Earlier in the summer, the MYG Board had decided not to hold many events during Ramadan, but to have at least two spiritual nights as well as a Toy Drive.

The first spiritual night was a success in numbers; it seems that our weekly activities during the summer were able to draw a good crowd for our Ramadan activities. We had at least 35 youth at our first spiritual night. After the usual taraweeh prayers downstairs, the youth would gather inside or outside to play basketball, board games, or just socialize. Around midnight we gathered everyone upstairs in the MYG room and began wrapping gifts for our Toy Drive. Continue reading