Does Islam mistreat women?

In today’s Los Angeles Times ( Sept. 8 ) one of the lead stories is about a Sudanese woman who has been sentenced to one month in prison for wearing pants in public.  She was originally going to receive 40 lashes for the crime as well, but her sentence was commuted, most likely to avoid further public outcry.  Earlier this year, news about the sanctioning of marital rape in Afghan legal code made its way to the outside world, sparking outrage, especially since things are supposed to be getting better, not worse, for the women in Afghanistan ever since the US-led invasion in 2001.

Creative Commons

Creative Commons

At the same time, Muslim women around the world see some improvements in their lives but, more often than not, the difficulties they face can often be linked to unjust interpretations of Islamic and other laws that place women at an extreme disadvantage.  Continue reading